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Roofing Contractors Are the Best Choice for Roof Inspection

Why You Need a Contractor to Inspect Your Roof

The winter is almost over, and you suspect that your roof may have been damaged during this very harsh winter. You know you want it inspected, but should you call a contractor? The answer to that is yes, and here’s why.

How a Contractor Can Help You

We recommend that your roof be inspected at least twice a year to look for worn out areas and/or damage. Generally, this should be done in the spring and in the fall. Yet, if you suspect that your roof is damaged, you might not know the extent of it. It can be dangerous for homeowners to climb up on their roofs to look for damaged areas.

We as professionals have the experience and can help you assess the full extent of any damage, including looking for loose shingles or roofing nails, or even sagging, which may indicate structural problems.

Once the damage is assessed, we will explain what it takes to repair or replace the roof. If a claim needs to be filed because the damage was due to a past storm we’ll help you with that as well. We will also help you pick the right kind of roof your home needs, including providing information on the following:

  • Types of shingle/material – Choosing the Right Roofing Material Could Save You Money and Help the Environment
  • Color
  • Style
  • Performance
  • Warranties
  • Roof Size


New roofs or repairs can be a big investments, and you don’t want to do them wrong. We will assist you with every step of the process. Don’t try to do the repairs yourself, this may cause your roof claim to be denied or cause more damage and potentially create new issues. You can make emergency repairs in order to stop more damage that can be done by not doing anything at all, but the best thing to do is call us to put on an emergency repair.

Why Choose CJ Restoration

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to contractors in Colorado. CJ Restoration is an experienced General Contractor, specializing in roof, gutters and siding repairs.

CJ Restoration understands that damage needs to be taken care ASAP to prevent further issues. We work hard to ensure that all the needed work gets done in a timely manner. We also offer free estimates. Contact us today at (303) 690-9253 to learn more about our services.


How to Submit an Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

How to Submit an Insurance ClaimStorm damage caused by wind & hail are usually the causes of roof damage. Some homeowners don’t know how to file an insurance claim after one of these events – or even if they should because many fear it will raise their insurance premiums.

First of all, let’s put your mind at ease. These types of claims are known as Acts of God, and they won’t raise your premiums. We’ll help you file a claim, here’s what we’ll do with you:

1. Make a note of the day that the event occurred: If you don’t have pictures of the storm, we’ll have some or you can find some online.

2. Set up an appointment with us to do your inspection: We are a trusted roofing company and will come inspect your roof for you. There are many roofing and restoration companies out there; we have recommendations from customers we have serviced. You can check us out online, and see reviews we have there too, we want to ensure you that you’re working with a reliable local company.

3. We’ll call in the claim with you to get the process started: Some insurance companies want you to be involved from the beginning. We know the proper claim procedures and can assist you through the whole process.

4. Coordinate with the adjuster: The insurance adjuster will call and let you know when they are coming out to your house to survey the damage and will verify what they will & will not cover. We will be there when the insurance adjuster comes to survey the damage. We will make sure they are aware of ALL the damage for their estimate.

5. Receive the settlement quote: Once you receive your settlement quote from the insurance company we can compare it to our estimate. If we find major discrepancies on damage estimates, we’ll notify adjuster and have them revise to cover everything you need repaired back to its original or better condition.

6. Get the work done: Once claim is approved, then you’ll receive your 1st settlement check. You can then use this money to get your roof fixed. Upon completion the will issue the final check after it passes inspection.

At CJ Restoration, we understand your needs. We will provide you with the best service and get the work done in a timely manner. Contact us today 303-690-9253.